What is a core memory that has stuck with you?

Core memory doesn't mean the very first right?

It was my birthday, we were not rich, and my stepdad took me to one store to check out what I like. He said I don't need to say anything, he'd know by my facial expression. I liked ponies (toys) a lot, but I was also aware we aren't rich so I'd look at different ponies I liked and purposefully tried to make expressions that suggest which ones I want. There was also a big pony house there but it was totally out of the realm of possible so I deliberately didn't even look at it aside from that quick glance.

The next day I got a big gift waiting for me on the table and it was the pony house.

I also remember that I was a very fussy eater most of the time and it was very difficult to feed me (I'd eat for 3h, never finish, it was just hard). Especially if I'm not eating at home so it's new things. But this one time in a restaurant I enjoyed everything and finished my plate. My stepdad used the bill to write on it a Certificate for the League of Clean Plates.

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