What could it be

That photo of those nazi girls is ancient, so that user "Aryan State" is likely a bot stirring up race relations, employed by Russia or some other state that doesn't have race issues to deal with due to being 99% single race (like Japan or China). They absolutely want America divided and will spread hate like this to do it.

Think about this every time you see anything posted on social media, no matter what race they are. Don't let yourself be played - 98% of people are chill, just normal people wanting to live their lives and don't care what their neighbours skin colour is. If this wasn't the case, there'd be none-stop chaos in the streets. There'd be constant attacks/shootings/van-attacks/bombings every day instead of a few utter losers trying to make it into the history books every few months by killing and dying for a cause. When people who have a lot to lose start banding together to form militia, that's when you know there's a real problem. Not when a single disenfranchised basement dweller decides to go postal because he's let the internet hate-machine brainwash him.

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