What could be a substitute of religion that upholds the good outcomes of religion (gives courage and inner strength) but not the bad (fanatics and narrow mindedness)?

If you listen to someone like Carl Jung, you don't really need a "new religion" or belief. All religions will be based on the same motifs, values and motifs, because there are certain kinds o The key is to make the religious experiance feel true to you, your belief is a fully personal experiance, you don't need to listen to what the "organised religions" say. So I guess the point is to make your belief about yourself and not about the organizers, although this is ofcourse on a personal level, there will always be fanatics around, if it's not religion it will be something else, politics etc. so I don't think you can really fight that with any "new" creation, without also creating fanatics in that "new" belief.

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