What coworker will you always remember? Why?

We had hired a new Academic Director and I was thrilled because I had been filling in but did not want to the position. This woman was the worst, super unprofessional, missed worked with sketchy excuses, changed rules, was inconsistent, and had signs of alcoholism. But the icing on the cake was when she pissed her pants at work (I didn't realize this immediately though). This is how it played out:

Mon- Calls me into the office, I noticed something started smelling weird but she was a bigger lady and it was warm, I tried to ignore it. She was going to be out of the office the next few days (I would be filling in) and thought she needed to tell me how to do the job I had been doing for the last few months. After talking to her I'm in the break room, she comes in and says something about how she cleaned her chair over the weekend and forgot and now her pants are wet. I look and she a has a big wet spot on her ass but I can't be bothered to care and just think, "sucks for you." She takes a raincoat from lost and found to sit on.

Tue- I'm in her office and smells weird, plus she has all these air freshener things around. I can't figure out the smell and try to ignore it. I have to get some thing from under the desk and my nose gets near the chair and all of a sudden the smell gets much stronger. I pick up the raincoat, which is still on the chair, and see a big stain. It then hits me that this woman pissed herself, played it off, and continued to work the rest of the day. I made a couple of other people smell the chair because I was in disbelief and to confirm my suspicion and everyone agreed, she peed on the chair (most likely while I was talking to her!).

She was fired after this for multiple reasons not related to her peeing herself but we always remembered her as Pee Pants.

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