What crazy conspiracy theories have actually been proven to be true (facts only please)?

Everything about the Iran-Contra crisis is insane, and it gets even more so when you factor in that many of the documents were shredded, but not sure if I'd call it conspiracy worthy. The public will never know the full story of what happened though, so I think it merits a post here. Long story way-too-short: The Reagan administration hates communists. A lot. They want to insure that any non-communist group gets and remains in power, no matter what the costs. The only issue is that this isn't a popular position, and Reagan himself directs his people to continue to do questionably legal things in sovereign nations, but not to tell him so that he wouldn't be legally responsible. Oliver North is assigned to run the program in Nicaragua supporting the Contras, a right-wing paramilitary group. They're happy with the money and support and all, but they really don't know what they're doing and not self-sufficient enough, so the US eventually shows them how to get into arms trading. Side note, at the time the middle east was incredibly tense, and there were US citizens taken hostage in Lebanon. To get them free, arms were demanded by Iran... see what's happening here? The cycle was as follows: Israel gives Iran some weapons, the US gives Israel weapons, Israel pays the US, the US splits the money with the Contras. Now, this was some real confederacy of dunces type of work, and it all fell apart when one of the guys flying weapons into Nicaragua survived a plane crash and straight up told reporters that he was working for the CIA. Here's where the real conspiracies start: we don't know the real story. After he knew the jig was up Oliver North and his secretary Fawn Hall started to shred documents like there was no tomorrow, breaking a shredder in the process and supposedly still shredding when the Feds come in with the warrant. They claim that it was done to protect the identities of those involved, which I'm sure holds some credence, but the fact remains that the public will never know the full story of who or what happened there. Nearly everyone involved walked away scot-free, including Reagan (who willingly knew nothing, but took responsibility for their actions; no actual punishment however) and North (who had his convictions overturned). Most of them actually enjoyed pretty normal careers after the fact, and North is still a big player in politics today. I'm sure I'm not doing this story justice, there are plenty more aspects and people involved; but so much is unconfirmed that it seems conspiracy-like in my book.

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