what is the creepiest thing you’ve ever experienced?

I think the time where I recorded a prank call and heard horrific noises that me and my brothers didn’t hear when it was recording. We played the prank call back and you hear my friend saying hello and we were playing sounds of quotes of Michael Jackson. All throughout the call you could hear blood curdling screams and demonic voices saying they hate God with tons of profanity. It was the moment where I was like wow it’s possible spiritual entities were real after all. If the noises were coming from the other end of the line on the call, we would’ve heard them. The same phone also recorded weird sounds at church (I use to record sermons) and they were mostly just phrases in some foreign language almost like a mantra every now and then in the recording. I can still hear both of these sounds in my mind as I’m typing this. Apparently old 2007 Verizon phones can pick up EVPs.

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