What is the creepiest thing you've found or experienced outside that you can't explain?

When I was six, my family moved into this elderly house. It was close to the farm where my grandfather lived and my dad wanted to be closer to my grandfather. We bought the house and started to move things in and my grandfather came to visit. It was his first time seeing the house and his reaction was, "Oh, your great uncles built this house." Apparently two of my dad's relations had built this house fifty years before and sold it to the old woman who sold it to us when she and her husband were still young. This isn't the creepy bit. This is just the coincidence that makes the creepy bit worse. My dad started to remodel the house. He put in new windows and redid the electricity, then he started to put heaters in all the rooms. I was in my bedroom with him when he was cutting a hole in the old, lathe-board wall. This wall had once been the outside wall of the building. My bedroom, as well as two other bedrooms and the bathroom, had been added by the couple who owned the house after my great, great uncles. Anyway, my dad cuts a square out and then screams and scrambles backward from the wall. My dad's a tough guy. I had never heard him scream before and never have since. So I had to have a look. Dad's sitting in the middle of the floor panting and staring at the wall. Inside, framed perfectly in the square he removed, is an old, bald, slightly rotten baby doll. It's eyes are bright blue. It's looking at us. We told this story over and over as this creepy thing that happened but It wasn't until high school that I put something together that really creeped me out. My great, great uncles were bachelors. That wall was from the original house, which means they put that doll in there. They didn't have sisters. Most of the family was still back east at this point and my grandfather's father hadn't even built his farm yet, so there shouldn't have been anybody around but my uncles living on the farm they cut from the forest. Why did they have a doll? For the last two years, my dad has been remodeling that old room again. He hasn't touched that wall, even though my mom keeps insisting that he replace the boards with drywall. I asked him why he didn't want to do it and he said, "I don't know what else I'll find in that wall."

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