What is currently happening that is scaring you?

This is so minor, and it’s funny but it isn’t

So I have a lot of siblings and over the years we have accumulated a lot of unwanted blankets, furniture, old toys, stuffed animals and what not. It all ends up in our “spare” room.. my dad, wanting to get it all out because it takes up so much room has been complaining about the mess for years but my stepmom has been busy off and on with other stuff.

My dad, finally fee up waiting, decides to get rid of some stuff (pretty sure he took it to a dumpster).

Turns out, one week later my stepmom decided to start cleaning upstairs and has been interrogating everyone in the house on where two bags of stuffed animals went and where her grandmother’s small end table went..

My dad threw them away and hasn’t admitted it. YIKES

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