What decks can counter disgusting value decks like "Meren of Clan Nel Toth" and other graveyard decks WITHOUT hobbling itself into a "Graveyard hate" position.

I handle constructive criticism well. Not so much the insulting comment harassment that is typical of reddit.

I could explain that i have a small play group. That they get really grumpy when i use grave yard hate. That I've only ever used a few decks Most of which i didn't build.

I used the word term "very powerful" and i can't even begin to address the assumption that im "Boasting" without getting into a long, drawn out argument about how i meant that.. it's just powerful in the context of my play group.

It's fucking exhausting. These Reddit neurotics drives me into neurotic. They say shit like "you're bitching" when im just trying learn how to solve an issue without catching bullshit from hateful weirdo's over it, who can't talk like decent people or not harass you every comment you make.

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