What did you see that you definitely weren’t supposed to see?

Worked for nasa, high altitude test called off at the last minute bc Lockheed had control of a triangle of high altitude airspace and our launchpad was more or less on one corner. That's all I knew and I don't think I was actually supposed to know about the test or where the triangle was. No big deal, wasn't my launch, I don't think I was involved more than running a few systems checks prelaunch, so I went home. I lived about a mile as the bird flies from the launch pad at the time. It had gotten dark out and I had just gone into town for some food and gotten out of my car in my driveway. This is outside the city limits in a rural area so it's very dark and it's a cloudless night. As I am walking inside I see 2 shooting stars. A little unusual to see 2 at once side by side, but they look like shooting starts for about a second. About the time you would expect a shooting star to burn out and disappear, these things stopped. They had been streaking through the atmosphere and then both stopped side by side, glowing, still up in the air, approximately above our launchpad. Then, even faster than they came down from space, they streaked over the horizon. Two yellow/whitish blurs with a hint of blue. They left approximately where one of the legs of the triangle for Lockheed's would have been. Lockheed has UFOs

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