What did you dream last night? Other Redditors, analyze it

I don't recall any dreams from last night but this one was quite puzzling from a couple nights ago.

Firstly I remember I was on a private beach with my friend's girlfriend. It was just us, she was fucking about on some rocks and I was sitting with our phones (which were somehow plugged into the charger cables) and bags. A large wave came in and soaked her phone, but it was fine.

At some point my friend (whose girlfriend it is) came along, then another couple. My friend and the other couple started talking about music. They swapped their favourite albums on CDs and my friend (I assume realising they wouldn't see eachother again) said "once you've finished listening it, donate it to a charity." The girlfriend then joined the conversation and they began some circlejerk about a massive new collaboration between two artists which is going to be totally amazing. I was a bit annoyed by the conversation.

I got on my bright red skateboard and went into the nearby village. On my way there I bumped into a woman with her very overweight daughter. The daughter must have been around 10. The woman asked me if there was anywhere nearby where I could get business cards printed for her and her daughter. I said follow me and we went together to the village (me still on the skateboard) to find a place I apparently knew. It was closed. I suggested they try online.

For some reason I remember then going back and forth between the village and the beach and saw the mother and daughter a couple of times on their way out of the village.

Once I was back in the village after a few return journeys I saw a newspaper that said "Toshiba: First quarter 2015 profits strongly exceed analysts' predictions"

As far as I remember I was then back at the beach. Friend, girlfriend, and the other couple were sitting down talking around a fire with a few other randoms which had turned up. It was dark at this point but I decided to climb some rocks nonetheless. I got a fair way up the rocks then decided it was a bit steep and dark and climbed back down.

The end.

Have a go at that one!

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