What did George Floyd's death have to do with race?

That’s not true at all. In the US black people commit over half of the violent crimes. They are even over represented in committing hate crimes while whites are under represented. It’s not like there’s a bunch of unsolved crimes in my neighborhood because the police aren’t here. They are right around the corner they just don’t get called here very often. They go where the crime is happening.

Tamir Rice was pointing a replica .45 at people in a park and someone called the cops. Had nothing to do with his race. When the cops arrived he immediately reached for his weapon. It was ultimately his poor decisions. We have extremely strict gun laws in the US.

It’s not rare for the cops to be convicted when they actually commit a crime. Just because MSNBC or some 14 year old on reddit says a cop is guilty doesn’t make it true. Resisting arrest ultimately lead to his murder, which was not justified in that case. No other black people were harmed. He was literally in the cop car already.

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