What did you learn when you moved out of home?

First month was a nightmare to me. I was so used to things being a certain way after living with my parents my whole life before moving in with my partner.

Took some time getting used to finding what we wanted our home to be like. Stress on the word HOME not HOUSE. Finds what works for the both of you. Make a plan, try it, see if it needs correcting and keep trying. Keep clear goals. Make your own new traditions.

Be kind and respectful always. It might seem a no brainer now, but when tension runs high, make it your mantra. When angry, take a deep breath and think before any of you say something that might hurt.

Time management and equal division of chores. It's important that both sides understand that, eventhough one part might have a neck at a specific chore, both parts need to be able to stand in interchangeably if the other is unavailable or unable to chip in.

Make time to spend together alone simply enjoying your home. Take the time appreciate this moment you are about to live. Your first home, the first night, first rainy weekend, etc. Cherish every single thing.

Enjoy each other. Never lose romance, which will most likely decline due to constant contact. Make the effort, it is totally worth it.

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