What did you major in, and how has your career turned out so far?

English and History. After I finished I still didn't know what to do. Decided to take a grad course in Creative Writing while my friends were finishing their last year (Sci/Eng type stuff) because it looked interesting. It very quickly became the funnest course I had done and I found a passion I loved more than anything. I started writing my own stories during my spare time and haven't stopped since.

When I finished I decided that I would just find any sort of job I could get to support myself and continue to write in my free time. After all, thats what my passion is, thats what I love doing, so as long as I can do that I know I will be happy doing whatever for work.

After a year of working at a restaurant I landed a job writing documents for a company. Great job, great pay, easy work which I can do really well (and my degree gave me a background for). and when I finish work I don't have to bring it home with me The best part is that I start very early and finish in the afternoon, and I have fridays off which gives me a lot of time to write (I have time every day!) and pursue other hobbies/go places/visit friends etc.

The funny thing is, all my friends gave me a lot of flack for doing Arts about never getting a job. Meanwhile, they are either still studying or haven't got a job in their field. But you know, it never really bothered me because my career path was never my passion the way it is with others. People find meaning in their life in a lot of different ways.You may find it in a job, or a hobby, in travel, or in a family or with friends. Whatever it is your looking for, I know you'll find it eventually. I know you will.

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