What did I miss in the past month?

The WM3 are absolutely guilty. Don't let those propaganda films be your only source of information. At the very least read about Misskelley's confession to his own defense attorney. Fans of the child murderers will often bring up Misskelley's supposedly unusual confession to police and neglect to discuss this confession to, again, his defense attorney. Was Misskelley mentally challenged but also some sort of savant that could remember specific details of the crime to repeat during his many 'false' confessions? It wasn't just a detailed confession but included what I think is the single most damning piece of evidence showing that he, and by extension the other two, actually were the murderers: the whiskey bottle

And after thirty minutes of conversation, it became apparent at that point that his client had indicated that he was involved in the murders and had in fact witnessed and played a part in the murders.

Mr. Stidham [the defense attorney] then went back into the room, at which time he did not allow us, nor did we request or insist on having contact with his client. He went back inside and talked for another hour and came back and to paraphrase indicated that his client’s story matched with the facts much better and there were a few things we needed to do to be able to corroborate his statement.

At that point we got in our vehicles, and one of the things to corroborate his client’s statement was to determine if there was an Evan Williams whiskey bottle under an overpass in West Memphis.

To quote Mr. Stidham, I believe at that time, “If we can find a bottle like he says, then that will convince me that it happened.” At 9:30 or 10:00 at night we drive — ten o’clock in the evening — we proceed, the four of us, to roam underneath the overpasses of West Memphis and lo and behold find a broken bottle in the location indicated by his client.

I suppose you'd say that the defense attorney and police planted this whiskey bottle? But don't worry, that is one of several damning pieces of evidence, confessions from all three and so on that wasn't covered in those HBO propaganda films.

And I'll give you this, there is much, much more evidence, both physical and circumstantial, against the WM3 than there is against Adnan. I think that is part of why the WM3 documentary is what inspired Rabia to go to media, because she saw that if the WM3, could get away with it then maybe the West Baltimore One could too.

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