What did the pandemic ruin more than we realise?

Public worker here, & I've heard this very same complaint everywhere from cops to cashiers. I had a friend, retail worker, theorize that maybe since covid put everyone behind computers for so long when buying things, it made them comfortable being their normal asshole selves. Since being behind a keyboard lets so many people show their truer ugly colors. It's a fine theory. Good as any I suppose. But I really don't know the truly true answer.

I drive to people's houses for work. & This lady literally parked me in & flat out told me that I wouldn't be leaving until I gave her the answer that she wanted. Which genuinely could not give her because I didn't know it, & even if I did, I can't advise people on shit that is out of scope work for my fucking company. People have been so fucking nasty to me lately & I'm literally the sweetest person! Anyways the reason I'm commenting is because this next part seemed to help me a little the other day.

This guy missed his appointment & he was furious at me because I wouldn't go back for him. Because I couldn't. Because it's our busy season & we all have like ten stops a day right now. Starts screaming at me about how this is the second time my company didn't do our job (read; he didn't show up for his appointment) & his time is valuable & we're just delaying his project. He totally didn't deserve my sympathy or any kind words from me, but, I said "That must be really frustrating. I feel terrible that this is happening to you. I sincerely wish there was some way I had time to come back, I just unfortunately don't. This is the worst time of year for a project to get put on a rush because everyone wants a rush. It's like coming to your favorite restaurant absolutely starving, but there's a line of people in front of you & they're hungry too. I promise I will do what I can." & I did. I called the scheduler & told her he missed her appointment. Turns out he treated her like shit last time too. But she actually yelled back at him. His response with me was much more patient. So yeah, did he deserve my kindness? No. But it sucked a little less for me than it did for her. Hope that helps a little in the future:)

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