What did a partner do that made you instantly lose your attraction to them?

I have couple from the same relationship. I used to go over my then girlfriends house after her job. She would usually be hungry, so it wasn't unusual that she would be eating a snack when I arrived.

She was sitting on her couch eating a bag of chips with salsa. That was usually where she stopped before going to bed. She cleared what was left of the bag and put the salsa away. On her way back she brought back these chocolate wafer snacks and ate a bunch of those. That was already weird to me since she usually doesn't snack that much. She goes to put back the wafers and then comes back eating a pint of ice cream. She just laughs while she puts the spoon in her mouth as if she thinks she is being cute, but honestly I was so grossed out at how much she had been snacking. I didn't say much, but that was the first time I saw her binge eat (she had weight issues) and all the sudden it started to make sense that she was gaining weight so quickly.

This same person also farted in front of me. All the time. And it was always very loud and super gross. Sorry, I fart too, but at least I try to be a little more courteous about it. I told her that I really don't like it, especially when I was eating, but it never stopped her.

Later on she decided to get a roommate to help with the mortgage. We went on a walk and as soon as she left the house she started farting over and over again. I asked her to please stop and she said "What? Now that I have a roommate I can't fart freely anymore."

I don't really get insulted easily, but I don't think I'd ever been more insulted in my life. I wanted to break up with her then and there. Luckily we broke up only a few months later and I only wished I had done it sooner.

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