What did you do this past weekend?

Saturday: Kid and I woke up late and dashed out to a 9am dentist appt. Kid is 5, but he loves the dentist. He told the dentist that he hadn't been able to sleep the night before because he was so excited for the dentist. We had to get xrays and the dentist doesn't take insurance, and the bill was $322. Yikes, and I had to put "submit insurance claim" on my to do list, only to later find out I left the office without the paperwork. Then we went Christmas shopping all day at a combo of flea markets and big box stores, me juggling crazy list minute weekend work needs and us declining near-constant requests from my son to throw money away in those dumb claw machines. But overall he was very good and cooperative, and when we were halfway done we got him a Happy Meal and let him play at the McD play place for 20 minutes. A kid who is fed and exercised is always better company. Then we went to the Verizon store and I got a new phone yay, it took foreverrrrr as always but kiddo did not run around like a maniac or whine (because fed and exercised). Then we went to dinner at this place we love, it's an ancient old one room schoolhouse turned into a nice cozy bar/restaurant with stone wall and dark wood and warm lighting with great food and good local beer. We had a couple of beers and some of the best juiciest burgers money can buy. Then we went home and played Super Smash Bros for the rest of the night, sent kid to bed late. I stayed up messing with my new phone.

Sunday: Woke up late again and did yoga. We had bagels and lox for breakfast and alternated most of the day between cleaning and Super Smash Bros. Spent about 15 minutes on kid's homework due Monday. Took the dog for a long walk. Did some art. Played Pie Face and Exercise Rally with my son. Wrapped some Christmas presents. Went to my parents' for dinner. Accidentally drank a whole bottle of wine by myself. Put kiddo to bed on time for school. Realized I never switch the laundry (with school clothes) into the dryer, did that. Packed his lunch for Monday AM. Stayed up late messing with my new phone.

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