What did you play this week (Feb 1 - Feb 7)?

Only one game night.

Pre-game night:

  • Medieval Academy x1 - 2 player game after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens (finally, our first attempt back in December ended quickly as their IMAX sound system broke) and then getting a couple of games from Noble Knight. Fast, light, most decision making is in the drafting but some in the play, and overall a decent game (but not for regular core play).

Game Night (all 4 player):

  • Porta Nigra - a simple game that took a bit to play through the first game. I went for collecting a set and then using influence to constantly upgrade it, and in the end it paid off. I also stuck to the cheaper bricks so I didn't have to waste time getting money. It was played because a member in the gaming group traded for it and was considering trading it away - after playing it I am thinking of maybe getting it someday... but its low on my list. Oh, and I would make cardstock squares to drop into the bricks to mark what color they are (fiddly, but more distinct).
  • Dark Gothic - The first game they played where the bad guy won. We tried to lose quickly but it still took an hour... yeah, I prefer A Touch of Evil as it can be cooperatively played, but it is a much longer game. I wouldn't get Dark Gothic after seeing how oversized the main deck is though.. that's too much to shuffle.
  • Spyrium - Also not a bad game, but not enough variety in it for continuous play. It was interesting, but it was way too late to play it when we did. I thought I would be last and my wife would win - I beat out one person (barely) and my wife tied for first, thus sharing the win.

Have you ever played a sports boardgame? Was it any good? If you've played multiple, which was the best and why?

Even as a sports disliking person I had to, too many friends and people revolve their lives around sports (if I asked what sporting event happened over this weekend, I bet many here could correctly answer - and I bet many of you know the outcome). The game I was coerced into playing was Blood Bowl back in the day. Was it good? It was okay. They took American Football and blended it with Warhammer Fantasy to make a game, and that skinning of the sports theme made it barely tolerable. Still, not something I'm interested in.

What unreleased game are you most looking forward to?

While I want to say High Frontier 3rd Edition, I consider High Frontier released... so I am hungrily awaiting Bios: Genesis - then I just need to hunt down a copy of Origins: How We Became Human to finish my series out and play all 4 in sequence (well, I'll have to work in some of the other games in there also, like Pax Pamir and Pax Porfiriana to tell the "bloody story of humanity"). They say 2016 is the year for this, but I don't believe them... heck, I'm wondering if HF3 will be a 2016 release.

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