What did you do in school that should have gotten you in big trouble?

During my freshman year of high school I became very fond of weed and would sometimes have some on me during school hours. One day I decided to try something extremely brave with my friend and smoke a joint during class. The classroom was pretty big as it was a computer room filled with rows of computers so the teacher couldn't see me from the front where he was writing on the board. I lit it, took about three hits, put the fire out, and stashed the rest of the joint in a compartment of one of the computers before quickly changing my seat. Luckily the teacher didn't notice me moving but after he noticed the smell he immediately called in to the office about the problem. About 5 minutes later there's about 10 school security guards and 2 deans in the classroom looking for clues as to who did it but they never figured it out so they left. The entire time they were present, I was kinda high and extremely paranoid but I managed to blend in with the rest of the students somehow. As soon as the bell rang and the class was dismissed, I went back to the computer to get my joint and left happy I made it out that situation without getting caught. The repercussions would've been so severe if things went south.

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