What did the strange kid in your school do to make them so strange? [NSFW]

Sorry to jump in like this. Someone with bipolar disorder, has bipolar disorder, they are not bipolar. It's kind of like calling someone with cancer, cancer. It's not the way to describe someone who is up/down by nature either, unless it is actually diagnosed by a professional as bipolar disorder.

I myself suffer with bipolar disorder and the stigma against it makes it very hard for me to juggle it when I have to keep it a secret or else I will be condemned for it most of the time. With dealing with depression, I sometimes have to be open about it to people who are close to me in my life. There have been times where I would be assertive and all of a sudden my illness is used against me by this person I opened up to, leaving me humiliated, shamed and pretty hurt because this person doesn't even understand the struggle I have to go through with having this disorder. I have rapid cycles, with 'moderate' amount of mania (hypomania), but it still makes me feel ridiculous and uncomfortable with myself most of the time, even if it doesn't actually seem obvious to others that I have bipolar disorder. With these cycles, ever since I was about 13 when it started to happen to me, I have had suicidal moments every few days for a few hours on regular.

Imagine your energy and mood being unstable and unpredictable, leaving you with the inability to feel things in the way that you would really want to at different times. It isn't as simple as taking medication to fix things like a lot of people believe. Medication doesn't help everyone who has it and it sometimes takes years to work out. I have been working with medication/s for about 6 years, yet and I am only starting to make a little progess through this treatment. I have even considered having shock therapy done so I can get it worked out a little bit better.

I don't mean to shame you for saying it in this kind of way, but I think it is important to education someone on these sort of issues before using aggression. If I share something intimate in my pov, maybe it would make it easier for you or whoever reads this to understand it a little bit. A scramble of a ramble, but I hope it made sense.

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