What did the strange kid in your school do to make them so strange? [NSFW]

There is this guy doing the same course as me who has these interesting "habits".

*He has this weak ass moustache which he likes to twirl like an evil mastermind ever ten or so minutes. *He spits in his hands and then proceeds to rub his saliva soaked hands over his body. * He mumbles ... a lot. Sometimes we can understand him and other times we can't. Most of it seems to be gibberish or irrelevant. And if he mumbles in your general direction and you ask what he said (thinking that he is asking you a question or contributing to the conversation) he will say "nevermind" as if it's your fault for not hearing his weak ass voice through his closed lips. *He sprints randomly. He'll just be walking around campus and then suddenly he will just start running. And then he will stop. He's not in a hurry. Nor is he running away from something. He just ... runs. *One time, we were waiting for an elevator to go to class and I guess it was taking too long for him. So he runs to the door leading to the stairway, kicks it open, slams it behind him then we hear him running up the stairs. Somehow, even though the elevator was "too slow" for him, we get to the 3rd level at the same time he does, and when he sees that we made it there at the same time, he runs into the bathroom and proceeds to come to class late. Keep in mind that every floor has a bathroom right next to the elevators, so if he needed to take a piss, he could have done it on ANY OTHER FLOOR! Well, not the floor ... but the bathroom ... you know what I mean. *He laughs at nothing. Or at least I think it's nothing. You know when you remember something funny and you chuckle a little bit and you feel a bit weird because a few people noticed. It's like that, but he just goes out with a big "HA!" and then curls back in silence. This happens at least three times a day. *Whenever we are working on set, he just randomly smacks and punches the set pieces. Keep in mind, these are expensive props and what not. Some of them could tear easily if hit hard enough. And he just goes on whacking them, as if he is hitting a car before it drives off into the sunset. Legit what?

I'm sure there is more that I'm forgetting as I type this up, but seriously ... this guy ... this guy is just ... yeah.

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