What is the difference between calling out radical redpillers and radical feminists?

women, like all humans, are capable of making choices based on long-term goals rather than short-term satisfaction in all situations of their life.

They are able, yes. But red pillers believe that, like most other things, women are subject to market forces. So being able to do something, and doing it in practice are two entirely different things.

The fact is, women can and do make short term decisions knowing that they will be well protected from long term consequences. Women can commit crimes in our culture and get away with little to no consequence. Women can cheat on their husbands and rely on the cultural narrative that he should "man up" and take care of another man's child. Women benefit from these protections, as it helps serve their biological imperatives: secure the highest quality dna, and provisions. Perhaps not from the same man. It doesn't need to be, as we've learned, our culture is very good at ensuring no woman would ever suffer from her choices.

So can a woman make good decisions? Of course she can. But the environment is such that they don't have to. And if they don't have to, at least a portion of the population will do what they are allowed to do. That's how the market works. If women started suffering consequences from their actions, I think you'd see more responsible decision making from their side.

I really wonder who you think you are to be able to judge "what [women] really want" by any other way than investigating into the desires of the individual person.

Are you suggesting that no two women want the same thing? It seems to me you're so deep over your head focused on special snowflakism that you really think I need to set aside a year or two with each woman I meet to know that being cocky and fit will attract them. I don't. In fact, as a man, I realize quite well that I have to focus on traits that attract most women, because it's a numbers game. I don't have the luxury of learning somebody's personality before getting rejected- the rejection is usually quite quick. I have to go in blind and do my best to attract them before they decide otherwise.

And the reason I asked why it did not do that is because then the Red Pill is not a philosophy - which is what you called it.

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