What dish is extremely easy to prepare, but makes you look like an incredible chef?

This one:

All you have to do is prepare 2 apple from the forest of unbelievable creatures, then hunt doen a dragon, cut it in half, put the apples inside, and let it burn in the dragon’s boiling insides for an hour. While doing so, you should sacrafice two virgins between the age of 20 and 26, under full moon, while watching a lower than IMDb 3.5 episode of some shitty series on Netflix. After than start to learn three different language, while making a succesful operation on an unborn T-Rex. For the T-Rex you must go back in time, but that should take much effort, you have plenty while the apples boiling in the dragon. After this, you must travel to Russian, meet Putin and beat him in a drinking game while doing a 25-man raid in the latest WoW expansion, hard mode. After finished all the steps above, you’ll have the best meal ever with little to zero effort!

- probably a real chef

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