What does the Bible say about Good Friday and Easter Sunday ?

However, I just don't see any scriptural basis for venerating it.

Well...I'm a Catholic, so you might disagree with me about this, but there are lots of things Christians believe and do that do not have an express Scriptural basis; most of them (including weekly services and annually celebrating Easter) are older than the Christian Bible itself.

Yes, Jesus' sacrifice is the most important moment in all history, but we should be celebrating it every sunday, if not every day.

We do celebrate it every Sunday. But we also set aside a special day solely devoted to celebrate His Resurrection. The two things are complementary.

Why does some arbitrary week based around a holiday originally about Ishtar have anything to do with it?

Ah, that's a bunch of nonsense, don't pay any attention to it. The whole "Easter was originally the worship of Ishtar/Isis/Eostre" thing is something that's been cooked up in recent decades and is nowadays popular among the Zeitgeist and Religulous crowd as a convenient way to attack Christians.

English is one of the few European languages that doesn't have a word for Easter that is based on the Greek/Latin Pascha, literally "Passover." "Eostre," the word on which "Easter" is based, was allegedly a goddess worshipped by the ancient Anglo-Saxons, but we only have a single reference to the name Eostre (by Venerable Bede, writing in the 8th century). There is no other source that records whether "Eostre" was really worshipped or not.

As for the celebration itself, the first Christians observed Passover, but instead of celebrating the Hebrews deliverance from death in Egypt, they were celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was this new Passover that St. Paul spoke of to the Corinthians in [1 Cor 5:7-8]. The later debates about when to celebrate Easter were between those who thought it should be on the Sunday following the Jewish Passover (14 Nisan), or another date.

Lastly, the days of our Holy Week correspond exactly to the days of the week during which Christ suffered and died. So, it's not arbitrary, and it's not based on any pagan deities.

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