What does a comfortable ISTP look like?

I enjoy talking about our interests but not about people or relationships unless it's something that's interfering with our interests.

And we don't expect each other to share every interest. Neither of us wnat the other to engage in activites they don't enjoy so there's no "compromising" or emotional blackmail or anything like that. We share some of those interests we don't share with each other, with others, but without feelings of being left out or jealousy or neglect or whatever.

We're both completely self-sufficient and neither feels it necessary to factor the other in choices or decisions. If he goes on a trip with his buddies, I'm fine and he knows I'm fine so there's no anxiety. If I'm holed up in the office for a week I know he's fine. We might spend every waking moment together talking about some interesting topic or aspect of business or just philosophy for days on end one week and barely see each other the next. Sometimes we talk on the phone several times per day and some days we don't speak at all.

It's just sort of organic. When we first met, he said I was more like one of the guys than a girl but I'd heard that before in other relationships where guys think they like that but then it would start to make them suspicious or something if I didn't ask where they'd been or who they'd been with or worry about them or whatever and everything goes haywire. I used to say that I make a great girlfriend but a lousy wife because I prefer a man who can take care of himself and men appreciate that in a girlfriend, which is great, until you get married. Then they wonder why you're not taking care of them - like not being home when they get home or not worrying when they're late or not cleaning up after them or whatever. Three times it was as if they thought I would suddenly become their mother just because we got married. So I quit marrying them.

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