What does DP feel like? For men and women?

The anal aspect of it feels much more intense, so make sure you're comfortable with that beforehand, it's similar to when you have a vibe inserted and have anal, it sort of tightens everything because there's less space.

That pleasurable 'full' feeling you get it obviously increased as well but mainly the sensation you get becomes much more blurred as you go on, when you first start you're very aware of who is where and what they're doing, again because everything is much tighter now, so you're hyper aware of each individual thrust from each individual person but as time passes and the sensation ramps up, it just becomes a blur of pulsing energy coming from below.

Once the first orgasm hits, I find it's pretty easy to just stay in that zoned out phase and enjoy the rest of the event for as long as it lasts, if you can engineer a foursome as a woman with three others I highly recommend it, as I said, once you enter that orgasmic zoned out phase, just letting the others take control and doing what they will you is a pleasure all of its own.

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