What does Electric Forest mean to you?

I remember hearing once that life is a dream, and I never really understood that, being distracted by the bad in my life. But when I was a teenager, I had a fascination with Studio Ghibli films, my favorite being "Princess Mononoke".

Well, in this movie, the main character is cursed with Hate, and struggles the entire movie with this curse (it causes him great pain in his arm, and wants him to hurt people) and upon being cursed, he is banished from his home in order to go West and find the people responsible for disrupting the natural order of the forest (a great boar from the forest is the one that cursed him).

Well, his adventure starts, and he enters this forest, and it does a pan shot of the forest, and the hero comments "This forest is magical."

I have literally been exploring woods my whole life, wanting to find that magical forest, literally, I always wanted to find a truly magical place, and I ALWAYS daydreamed about that forest in the movie. I even picked up meditation and explored my imagination and found myself in this scene in the movie. I remember being so happy and at peace when I finally got to experience it, even if it was in my head. Then a couple months later, my friend really wanted me to experience this festival (been a hermit, non party person my whole life, 21 at the time) and really didn't want to drop 300 bucks to go party, but something told me to do it anyway, so I did, not knowing what to expect, scared shitless to leave home, but I did it.

And I'll be darned if I didn't find the physical manifestion of my 10 years of day dreams. This place was literally a dream come true for me.

So after my first experience at the Forest, I decided to get crazier with my dreams, and was vocal about it this time, my daydreams started to focus on movies, specific scenes from all sorts of movies, then, the more spent my days stress free, the more clear my signs became, HOLLYWOOD signs began standing out like mad, I was always pointing them out to my family and friends as a joke like "SEE GUYS! ITS A LITERAL SIGN!" and the number 42 (from Hitchhiker's Guide) began appearing everywhere.

This number was incredibly crazy to me, I see it everywhere, and my dad even began mentioning crazy shit from my past I didnt even know that related to 42. All i knew was 42 was the answer to life, I began loving everytime it popped up unexpected. Then April 2nd rolled around, I got home and checked my email and there was this one from a charity website I found awhile ago, Omaze. Titled "The Voice of God wants to Meet You!".

The catch to this site in particular offer experiences for donations, and this one was "Meet Morgan Freeman at the Red Carpet Premiere of "Transcendance". The funny thing was, I was already planning on donating due to a song coming on the radio on my way home, "All I Got" by Sublime (i began listening to the radio for signs, like the Transformer talked with the radio).

Well, I was really scared because it was Morgan Freeman, and the only movie I really loved him in was Bruce Almighty, so I kinda didn't want to donate to that one, so I thought "Give me another sign and I will."

So I clicked back to reddit, and holy fuck the "Sponsored Ad" was Morgan's face, with the title "10 Celebrities that Live with Chronic Diseases". My fuckin heart sank so deep, I knew I had to, the coincidences all lined up to fuckin perfect for me to miss an opportunity to tell a crazy story. So I went back and donated 10 votes. And a few days later I get an email telling me to contact these people in Skype regarding the Morgan Freeman experience. And holy shit I won it. After donating on 4/2...

I wont go into the whole thing, but I tripped so many people out last year telling this story at the Forest, and that is what the Forest means to me.

It gave me dreams!

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