What does eminem needd the most to make the perfect album again ( like TES /MMLP)

I’ll preface this by saying , I’m a nobody so my opinion on the music might not mean much.

I hate to talk shit cause I respect the producers. I’d like to be at their level one day and they all deserve to be where they are. Having said that I haven’t been really impressed by alot of the production on the last few albums. Some beats here and there but alot of them are not memorable at all. Im someone who just naturally focuses on the beat before the vocals especially on first listen. Im not saying that Eminem’s most recent albums have no creative or interesting beats tho. Maybe its a bit selfish to just …want more ? Id like to hear some “out there” shit. The pressure by Nas is an example of a beat thats just so different and good. Fresh.

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