What does every 21 year old need to know?

And to go against the grain of all the money/investment advice here, LIVE YOUR FUCKING LIFE.

Don't be a penny pincher.

All my friends, who worked a 9-5 and saved up every dollar, and just did the whole 9-5 -> happy hour thing, then save up as much money as they can to buy a condo...... no thanks.

I did that for my first 2 years out of college, then I said fuck it, and went traveling and spent pretty much most of my money doing that. I spent the last 9 years traveling on and off long-term/short-term and out of ALL the things I regretted in my 20s... spending money on experience is NOT a regret I have.

Yes, most of my friends saved up enough to buy a house now... but they're locked down to their mortgage and they still don't have a chance to go out and do something different. I still have saved enough to buy a house if I want, but I am probably 3-4 years behind people in savings.

TO EACH THEIR OWN... I have a lot of friends who are happy, and some who aren't... but 1 or 2 of my friends opted for the same choices I did and NONE of us regret it. I am 30 now and I will probably travel for another 3-4 years before starting to think about saving as much as I can to buy a house... but I'm not going to let that fuck with my travel.

Well... CoVID-19 kinda fucked it up though... I actually just started on my 4 year trip in July... I was in Europe for 6 months and just got into Italy in Feb... then the state dept issued an advisory and I got my ass back to the states..... I had to cancel my next year's worth of plans..... so that sucks. But I am saving a shitload of money now.

TL;DR - don't worry too much about saving every single penny... i know way too many people who never enjoyed their lives because they were more worried about having MONEY MONEY MONEY

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