What does everyone do to deal with intense cravings to binge?

I know everyone is different and I’m sure you will have some great ideas. But I’m new to eating calories at a deficit. The few times I have “binged” I have always been prepared. I have not bought my weaknesses. Instead the only real snack is 100 calorie popcorn or 130 calorie kettle corn. For the whole bag, 3 cups of popcorn. I’m eating at a 400- calorie deficit so one or even 2 bags of popcorn isn’t going to break my diet or vise me to gain weight opposed to the entire pack of 2000 calorie cookies I avoided. I have the 0 calorie pop corn powder flavors for variety.

Also, I am usually successful with distractions with tv. If I’m caught up on my Hulu watch list I turn on my Pluto app (free and legal). I flip to the game show channel or flip channels til I find something I want to watch. They also have on demand.

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