What does a healthy relationship look like? How does it feel? What behaviours does it include?

I feel like I'm in a healthy relationship and its completely different. The main thing is having patience. When you commit to someone you commit to learning about them and how they handle their emotions. You commit to working through problems and checking your own behavior and what's motivating your actions/reactions. Be willing to be wrong. Admit when you are wrong and be humble enough to work on yourself. I used to look at relationships like "hes not giving me what I want/need so he doesn't care" That's just not true. And honestly selfish. It takes time to even under fully what you want vs what you need. Then communicating effectively and being patient with your partner as they learn how to make you feel safe. It takes time. We took things slowly and if I would've listened to anyone else or been impatient I would've walked away from the best man I have ever met. There is no rulebook and having one is just keeping a closed mind and having reservations. I let go of my need to be in control and made a promise to myself to do any and everything I could to make this man happy. I think having that attitude is huge. When you truly love someone its about what you can do for them. Of course what he does for me is why I feel safe and happy but he does it out of love. I dont know.... I don't pretend to have all the answers but that's some of my experience

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