What does it mean for a movie to "no longer hold up"?

but can you give me an example of a movie you think no longer holds up?

No, because everywhere in this thread you just disagree with people when they give you examples.

This is /r/movies, not /r/changemyview.

You asked a question, and people attempt to answer it for you. They're doing you a favor. Instead of going along with their premise to understand their points of view, you instead attack the examples.

It's like the difference between you being in the car with them, and arguging about which direction the car should be going, vs you being in a different car from them, and driving in the opposite direction as them to tell where you think the cars should be going.

You need to apply the principle of charity if you want to have a discussion with people, and at least attempt to understand their points of view, rather than just attacking their examples.

This is one of the negative examples of what I'm talking about. There are other examples where you take the positive position, agreeing with someone because you agree with their example.

The point is, the examples are completely peripheral. "Doesn't hold up" has a definition, and people apply their opinions however they like. You asserting your differing opinion from those people doesn't help that person explain what "doesn't hold up" means.

So why are you here? To argue with people about their examples? Or to have people explain what "no longer holds up" means? Because if you're here to just argue with people, you're doing it right. If you're here for discussion and explanations, you need to meet people in the middle if you want to hear what their points of view are.

tl;dr Stop asserting yourself if you want to hear what others are saying.

(Why am I wasting my time here... You're probably just some dumb kid...)

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