What does it mean to be a prairie person?

Im very late to this thread, but I have a short story to share that helps envision a prairie person

I was about 17 driving on the Trans Canada, probably somewhere near Whitewood, during an extremely heavy snow storm years ago. It was still daylight fortunately, and I was just heading home from a friends place an hour or 2 away. I had passed an old farm truck hauling a long piece of farming equipment (i should know what it was but I have never farmed, i know I have failed you all as a fellow Saskatchewanight) going slowly on the side of the highway with his flashers. I pulled over to the far lane to pass him, as I was going about double his speed, about 60kph because of road conditions. When i went to change lanes after passing, I lost control of my little Cavalier and hit the ditch on the side the farmer was on. I wasnt hurt and neither was the car fortunately, merely stuck, so after a couple minutes i collected my bearings and got out of the car to check it out, only to find the same farmer pulled over with a set of chains, one end already connected to his equipment, the other in his hand handing it to me. Without even time to acknowledge his assistance, he helped me hook up my car, got in his truck and yanked me out. I unhooked my car and thanked him immensely, I told him to wait as I was going to run to my car and get him some money. By the time I got to my car he was already taking off. The storm was getting bad. Ill never forget that man and just the sheer hospitality and selflessness i was given for my dumb mistake. This was long ago and he was extremely old so Im sure Ill never be able to properly thank him. Its stuff like that that make me love this province though.

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