What does r/photography think of cameras made by companies other than the big guys?

Hmmm..so some time this year Pentax/Ricoh will introduce a full frame DSLR. When they do they will have the absolute most extensive range of cameras of any manufacturer:

645z/645D - Medium format camera with a full range of lenses

K-Full Frame - Full Frame DSLR with a nearly complete range of lenses. Any gaps filled by Tamron or Sigma

K-3/K-50/K-S2 - Full range of APS-C DSLRs with full weather proofing. Most extensive range of APS-C specific lenses of any manufacturer. Unmatched range of prime lenses. Unmatched weather resistant lens offerings. With adapter can use full range of 645 lenses.

Q-S1/Q-7 - Smallest interchangeable lens system. Full range of lenses. With adapter can use full range of K-Mount lenses.

GR - APS-C sensor in a point and shoot body. Two years since introduction and still selling as fast as they can make them.

WG Series - Waterproof, crush proof, freeze proof point and shoot and action cameras.

Theta - A product category by itself. 360 degree images with one press. No one has anything like it.

X-Series Point and shoot/superzoom - Standard stuff here.

Pentax makes interchangeable lenses across three mount types in addition to three distinct lines of fixed lens cameras plus the unique Theta. No other company offers the range of options from a basic point and shoot (MX-1) to a 50MP Medium Format category killer (645z). No other company offers weather resistance at the entry level. No other company matches the depth and breadth of weather resistant lenses. Pentax even has weather resistant strobes. Pentax is the only camera manufacture to offer native DNG RAW as a file format ensuring that from the first day you can shoot RAW and Lightroom will be able to process your images. No waiting for an update or incorrectly processed images. Pentax DSLRs excel at astrophotography because of heir unique ability to move the sensor without moving the camera. This also allows any lens to be a tilt-shift lens. That same ability to shift the sensor gives Pentax DSLRs image stabilization built into the body not the lens meaning any lens - from a 600mm monster to a 10mm fisheye - is stabilized. It also means thousands of legacy K and M42 mount lenses get stabilized as well as specialty lenses like a Lensbaby.

So yeah, Pentax is kinda a big deal.

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