What does the United States get right?

Same honestly. Switzerland is arguably a lot more capitalistic then the United States, but Switzerland has a better functioning government.

Where as in the United States, we have a two party system that is polar opposite of each other, thus creating an inefficient government, essentially trying to jam 329.5 million people into two opposite ideologies, something that is impossible. That along with cooperate greed, lobbyist, etc. that has overall just messed up the country, something I think we can all agree on. That, along with some other stuff, is the reasons behind our poor infrastructure, as well as some other issues.

I know these seems off topic, but the reason why I bring it up is because they then start to blame American citizens, as if its our fault, as if we want to be so car dependent, have a big wealth gab, fear of being shot while shopping, have horrible foreign policies, and all this other shit happening here in our country. Like if you think changing how the US functions is so easy, how about you come here and do it? What do they think we are gonna do, stage another revolution?

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