What have you done that made your parents so angry, you thought they were gonna kill you?

When I was 13 I was at church handling microphones for our congregation. I was a husky kid, self conscious, and my suit jacket was too tight when I buttoned it, so I left it open. My dad thought it should be buttoned and told me to button it. I didn’t want to, so I unbuttoned it again. My dad asked another man to cover the microphones, made my entire family leave the church, screamed at me the entire way home, swearing he was going to teach me a lesson, and when we got there beat me. He waited until we were in the door and grabbed me by my neck and slammed me to the floor, slapped and hit me in the face while he made me swear if he ever told me to do something, anything, I would do it. I thought he was going to kill me. My mom was begging him to stop and crying. I was bawling and trying not to piss myself. He finally let me slink off to my room in shame. He is a crazy man and was very proud that at least he didn’t closed fisted punch me later when he “apologized”. Was this what you’re looking for?

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