What don't people tell you about getting older?

I'm super lucky I was extra fit as a young man, I never had any injuries that required recovery (well 1 broken bone).

All this shit is new to me! My shoulder thing happened at 39, that was the first inkling of what was to come. I fell down my concrete stairs on my ass (black ice) last year. Praise the Universe that I'd been doing squats and lunges for 4+ months before it happened. I went skiing and snowboarding 2x the next month after it happened but holy shit did it tear up something in my upper butt/lower back.

I unfortunately used it as an excuse to stop working out, so here I am ~year+ later getting back on the reahab/workout wagon.

I'm 49 now, the 50s are looking a little scary if I don't get shit in order (the primary reason for my resuming exercising). WFH really has made me more sedentary, I used to have to get up and leave the house. I sit WAY TO MUCH now for my health.

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