What a drama queen

Like I get it was kind of an overreaction but at the same time--

Look what he's done with the place

And you get these gamer dudebros who think that he's just fine because nothing bad is happening to them personally, or, worse, actively support the racist, sexist language and policies he outputs. So maybe, maybe, if two really popular mods go dark, some teeny tiny part of that group might process that their votes had a consequence.

Sorry, just... you have to understand, this election set a lot of people's goals back to just "survive the next four years". Not even just minorities, but the people relying on the ACA to fund the meds they need to live, or minimum wage workers who badly need food stamps, or DACA recipients trying to make a life for themselves.

And yeah I know this is a gaming sub and yes taking down your mods is kind of an overaction but this stuff is important. This isn't Bush, this isn't McCain, this is an incompetent boob with no philosophy except "me me me".

Tl;Dr: I don't care if this gets deleted. This is just one time too many too many seeing people, especially other gamers, completely disregard the effect Dong Trundle has had and will have on this country, just because that effect has yet to reach them.

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