What dream has changed your life?

When I graduated high school my family paid for a trip to Cancun. About two months before my maternal grandmother had died of cancer. My great grandmother was 92 at the time and suffering from dementia. The first night there I have a dream so vivid I can still to this day recall everything about it. I was sitting in a bar with my grandma. She was healthy looking, wearing scrubs and drinking a beer. She looked at me and said " it was his time Tim, please understand it was his time to go." I woke up right after and woke my friend up. I told him I think something happened to my great grandmother and asked him of I could use his calling card. He said yes and walked me down to the phone bank. I called home and my aunt picked up on the second ring which in hindsight was weird. I asked if everything was ok and she said yes and I heard my great grandma in the background so I was satisfied. The next week I called home every day and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Vacation is over and I make my way back to Philly. My grandmother on my father's side picks me up from the airport and is quiet. We drive home and nothing of importance is mentioned. I walk in my house and notice ny whole family is there kind of stoned faced. I'm starting to realize something is wrong. My uncle then says he needs me to come in the kitchen. He tells me the night I left my stepfather hung himself. He was battling a Herion addiction for years prior. My father passed away when I was 8 and he was the only father figure I had since my dad died. My mother was also addicted to dope and she would leave me and my brothers and sister for hours. My stepfather hated that. He always stuck up for us. He left a note saying that since my mother had been cheating and I was now out of high school and on my way to becoming a man he felt that it was his time to go.

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