What is the dumbest/most enraging thing you have heard in a party?

That thing about not opening the Spirit Bloom chest is dumb, but by now people seem to be wising up to it, and I don't hear that as often anymore.

What's way more dumb is any discussion involving the words "cheese" or "self-res". The former because Bridge cheese is dumb as shit, and the latter because 99% of all people grossly misuse/abuse Fireborn, and almost no one is willing to listen and even give Song of Flame a try, even if those that do invariably end up overall better players (observation in both myself and some friends that actually did listen). Let's just say that my opinion is that Fireborn should be used as rarely as possible, and Radiance proactively used for Song of Flame + 8 Orbs as often as possible. Fireborn is a massive crutch and should be avoided.

Absolutely the worst has to have been some people repeatedly asking me to switch from Voidwalker to Sunsinger (banking on me using self-res obviously) in 34 PoE. There was absolutely no reason, I wasn't dying overly much (or at all), we weren't wiping on objectives or anything. Not only is that conception of Sunbro = Fireborn wrong and idiotic, but also that request is basically stating "I don't trust in your competence to stay alive enough. Please use a crutch." While I was leading in kills and Orbs as Voidwalker, raining Space Magic on anthing that looked at me funny. Something like that is nothing but presumptuous and plain rude. If you suck that much that you need a crutch like that, and drag your team down by never using your super, fine. But don't fucking ask players who simply are may be better to play like that. I'm not telling you how to play either, at least I won't try more than a single time.

TL;DR: Spirit Bloom chest is stupid. Bridge cheese is stupid. Fireborn is (99% of time) stupid. Don't ask Warlocks that don't to use Fireborn. Ever. Because those that have it unlocked and choose not to use it tend to be the better players that are capable of staying alive on their own without leaning on a crutch.

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