What is the dumbest thing you got punished for in school?

I went to K.G./Elementary (Gr. 1-4)/High School (till Gr. 9) in India and they have some batshit crazy teachers in Mumbai, India. Also, there they beat the shit out of you.

  • Sr. K.G. : This teacher didn't like me. I don't think she liked kids in general and used to beat me and other kids for no apparent reason. I remember once she marked a quiz and called me to pick up my paper. When I put my hand out, she smacked me with a wooden ruler. She used to beat me so much and my mom came to my school and was secretly observing the class through the windows. Apparently, at the parent-teachers meeting, she got chased out or something. Also, this was a catholic school. Also, keep in mind that my mother was insanely strict, so I was a very polite and well mannered 5 year old and not one to get in trouble. This B.S. also have a psychological effect on me and when I was in Gr. 1, I used to be terrified in class and used to cry for no reason.

  • Sr. K.G. : After the last bell was rung, these two kids who were about 5 inches taller than me were playing rough, running around and jumping over benches. One of them hurt themselves and started bleeding and crying. Me being the nice guy, I go over to him and ask him what happened. Teacher sees me with this guy who is bleeding and crying and I get in trouble and my mother is called to school. I explain to the nun what happened and they let me go. The teacher didn't care to ask me what happened.

  • Elementary School: The same catholic school. Before our classes opened, we had to wait outside the school in a line. Each line would be separated based on grade and whose class you are in. When it came for my line to move, all the kids started running to class. The kids besides our line started putting their hands out that would cause us to abruptly stop. I stopped a bunch of times, but then decided to just go at one point. Bad idea, I ended up running into the hand of this one girl and she ended up smacking herself or hurting herself I'm not sure. Well, I got in trouble and my mom was called to school again. And again I explained what happened and they let me go. I met the girl a few years later and we laughed about it.

  • High School: Another catholic school here, Gr.5 I was in a language class and the guy besides me was talking to me while I wasn't paying attention and just taking notes. The teacher turns around and yells "Who's talking", this idotic girl turns around and points to me. This guy, comes at me and slams his palm so hard on my back I thought my spine was going to crack. I just put my head down and 10 year old me started crying in class.

  • High School: I was in a craft class in Gr. 5 or 6. I didn't take out my notebook within 2 mins of the class starting so she came and smacked me. She was a skinny thing so it didn't hurt much.

  • High School: I was in a language class with another language teacher who was super psychotic. He had a reputation of just beating the crap out of students for no apparent reason. Everyone hated this bastard. I remember two occasions where I got hit (it's probably more). The last bell rang which meant class was over. I stood up and turned towards my bag to pack. This bastard comes and hits me really hard on the head or the back. On another occasion in class, I was sitting in the second row in front of the class. He just smacked someone really bad in class, so as any kid would do, I turned around to look who he hit. He saw me turn around and slammed his palm against my back or head really hard. The sad thing is, it was normal for kids to cry in front of others in class after getting his and nobody would say anything derogatory as we were all there at one point.

  • High School: I was in class and this girl who had borrowed my math notebook returned it to me. The English teacher saw this and made me dump my math notebook in the garbage bin.

  • High School: This didn't happen to me, but another guy in our class. This guy was one of the brightest people in our class and a really nice and good guy. He used to always score between 95-100 on exams. This one teacher decided that he needed to be punished for each mark he didn't score for each subject. He got the ruler to the hand for each mark he didn't score.

  • High School: The same catholic school, but this didn't happen to me but I observed it happen to other kids. The principal of the school was this tall and buff priest. When any students would get in trouble, mostly guy who were up to no good, he would grab both their ears in each fist and push his hands against head to get a grip and then lift them up by their head and slam their feet to the ground. I asked some guy how it felt and he mentioned that you would feel your head shaken up.

When I moved to Canada at 14, it was like moving to a heavenly school. The teachers were so much nicer here. The sad part since I got smacked on the back too many times to remember, I started having back problems by the time I was 12/13 and it continued for quite a while till I got some chiropractic (the only thing that has helped) treatment.

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