What is the dumbest thing you got punished for in school?

I was the scapegoat for a teddy bear war when I was in Kindergarten.

It was bring your teddy bear day and there were all sorts of teddy bear oriented activities. Teddy bear coloring, teddy bear stories, teddy grahms for lunch, end etc.. Basically the teacher and her aide left the room for 5 minutes. As a group of boys are want to do we all start playing and pushing each other. One thing leads to another and we're having a full on teddy bear in war. Everyone's having a good time and I'm getting really into it with this little shit who thinks that he can hit me without me hitting him back. A crucial detail I know now was that my back was to the door. All of a sudden everyone freezes while I'm in midst teddy bear jab. Nailed the bastard in the head too. Couldn't have been timed worse.

Teacher flips out and starts ranting and raving at me for hitting this snot-nosed kid with what amounts to an over-sized wad of cotton balls wrapped in Chapman toilet paper soft cloth wrapped. Keep in mind I was about 6 years old. I'm not exactly pitching in the Major Leagues. Not one of the other boys fesses up while I protest about how everyone else was doing it. I'm not saying that I'm innocent, but I sure as hell wasn't alone.

Teacher proceeds to drag me by the arm all the way to the principles office and lecture me about hitting others and how I should be ashamed of myself and etc.. I still remember her nails digging into my arm and the veins in her neck bulging especially hard to this day.. That and the Three Piggy Opera. Those are the two things I remember from Kindergarten.

Basically I learned that the man code doesn't apply when everyone's acting like a bitch at a very young age.

TL:DR Kindergarten injustice.

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