What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever received hate for?

The biggest test during my engineering degree was the Strengths of Materials first midterm. During our junior year this was one of the main things that everybody talked about because of how difficult it was, some people would have to retake the class multiple times to get through it or would even drop out of the degree program because of it. Even though I struggled significantly through the homework (sometimes taking 20+ hours a week alone and would still get bad marks) I managed to get a 99% on the exam. So of course when anybody brought it up and asked how people did I'd say I got a 99. One of my "friends" obviously didnt like this and called me out for gloating in a 30 or so person group chat over Christmas break and told me that I should quit engineering and just go do real estate if everything is so peachy in my life. (which I had also been working on getting my license for at the time)

Well jokes on him because he got handed a position at his dad's friend's engineering firm before we graduated, and I lost my straight-out-of-college job offer before I even got to start because of layoffs when I graduated in May of 2020, and I haven't been able to find engineering work since. Now I'm being judged for not having any engineering experience 2 years after graduating when the job market for it was non-existent in my area for 1+ year after I graduated. Some day, maybe I'll be able to use my degree and that 4 years will not have been a complete waste.

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