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Dear funds beneficiary,

My name is Timothy Chigozi,what they are doing to you is not good.i have worked here for the past 10 years with small salary and i see them deceive you and extort money from you but i can not talk because am a junior worker.i will not work with the new bank governor because it will be the same old story.i want to leave the country with my family for good and relocate to somewhere else.the only chance i have is releasing your funds to you without their knowing it.i control the electronic banking unit of the bank.my job is to send wire order and confirmation back and forth our correspondent banks over seas.i have access to all our foreign accounts.if you can give me 5 banking working days and assure me that i will get my share if i make the wires to you in your account but be sure to pull money out of your account within 3 days when the funds gets into your account.i will be here and receive the confirmation from your bank and then i destroy every evidence and run away from this countr y and never come back.

please if you are ready and have the mind let us do it now,but do not call me while i am at work.just send the account to me i will be directing you on what to do but remember this must be strictly confidential until you confirm the money in your account.You must also promise me that there will be no communication in respect of this funds to any one both previous and new contacts.all i require from you is honesty and proof that i will get my share.if you agree,reply and inform me where to pay in the money so i can programmer it into our outgoing telex network to send feed to your bank and make what we call mock wire.in 5 days if you do not get the money call me a bastard.

Best regards,

Timothy Chigozi Central Bank of Nigeria, foreign operations dept.

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