What do you enjoy the most about electronic music?

I have to respect the question, but I feel as if many who claim to favor electronic music know little to nothing of the nuance and sophistication involved within its creation (perhaps partly due to its relative demise as far as the last several years are concerned). This may be the "digital age" as others have said, but all of the best examples of technologically and musically sophisticated marvels that I've come across (and as my analysis of the landscape as a whole is largely based on fact and perpetual in nature - my conclusions are of merit) all come from no later than the early 2000s, and primarily prior to the new millennium. Quite frankly it sickens me that some believe the current industry (notice "industry" rather than "musical") landscape to be of paramount significance compared to previous decades.

As for your question - my favorite elements would have to be all of the subtle details that encompass the "atmosphere" of a track. I would even go as far to argue that other genres (of which I am well versed in and continue to listen to and admire in a different light) do not possess "atmospheres" per say, but rather varying "tones" (happy, sad, nostalgic, etc.). Electronic music for me is able to do much more than simply elicit a few emotions or cause me to imagine a limited palette of scenery. All of the details surrounding a given electronic track's "atmosphere" come together to place me directly in the middle of an evolving soundscape - that can only be experienced. All of this amplified when it is taken into account that the large majority of the sounds that are heard (much more so the case in past examples of electronic music than today's) are painstakingly constructed by endless combinations of expert level equipment and/or extensive audio sample manipulation (sound construction in its own right).

Alas, in my experience the days of such quality work have long since passed. Today everything is about money. Everything is about the artist - not the music. As the number of listeners continues to grow, the more alone I find myself - a true enthusiast of the genre...

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