What event in your life wasn't funny at the time but is hilarious now?

One event springs to mind from a high school drama class. Our group had to prepare a WW2 piece and I was in charge of the the music. So I found a good theme song and decided to burn it onto a CD. But wait! Why put only one song on a CD and waste it! Let's put 20 other songs on there. So the day we perform arrives and our group takes to the stage and we're waiting to start. My friend James is in the studio booth and I told him he had to play track 5. So we're in the start position waiting for the music when none other than Get Right by Jennifer Lopez starts blaring through the entire hall at full volume - if you know how that song goes then you can imagine. Everyone's laughing including the teacher and looking around meanwhile I just wanted the ground the swallow me up and I'm waving my hands at James to make it stop lol. Fun times.

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