What evolutionary changes should occur in humans if we survive another million years?

Depends on your definition of should.

We are advancing to the point now where our evolution will be quite intentional barring another total collapse of history prior to use colonizing other worlds.

I would expect for humanity to branch back out into several subgroups over the next million years. It’s kind of a historical anomaly right now that there’s only one kind of “human” instead of multiple branches coexisting.

I would expect humans designed for space travel, extremely long living humans, dense high gravity humans, water based humans, etc. If we manage to coexist in a unified society (which feels unlikely) imagine we will have caste systems for each of the subgroups (warriors, scientists, etc) each with unique physical traits.

However, our technology may be such that these are little more than customized shells with consciousness being transferred between them. At least in some “human” societies. I expect some branches will embrace certain religious ideologies, etc.

Will be a fun ride for sure!

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