What do ex-Muslims think about Israel's foundation?

So then what is the issue? If Israel is not stealing land and not extended its borders than why is there such an out cry? http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/12/07/389113/us-slams-israel-for-settlement-projects/

My argument is more about present situation... we can not get back in the past or reverse it.

Further more thank you for the link regarding the conflict history (I don't see any sources of it either nor I have time for it at the moment but I take it as a concept).

Even so the land was sold by say the Egyptians etc. it was not morally right for the Jews to buy it without the will of the people that were living on that area. (I don't have any ownership document of history about that but to a very basic understanding of human rights this was not a humane act regardless of how desperate they were). The Jews might have their reasons but I think this could have been easily negotiated with the natives.

And again Jews were living there before the existence of Israel. If you put a large number of migrants in a land and displace the natives you will obviously start a conflict. It can be similar in EU where people are demonstrating that why are there so many immigrants? Well this happens when war happens. It is the moving in party that has to establish friendly terms if they want to live there not the other way around.

I have nothing against Jews or Arabs or any human being... My problem is the basic human right violations and killings by either side of the conflict! So many children have died and so many lives lost for the sake of what?

And it is really absurd that Israel is asking for more trouble these days....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1BvQSPiTKA (Probably you like to see this. Its not that I am talking about it... a lot of Jews are saying that all this is going against their interest and safety) By the way John Stewart is a Jew.

It is better to keep an eye on what is happening in the present... instead of the past! past is to learn from not to hold it dear!


And I don't think the way things are going these days are doing any good for Israel.

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