What experience made you grow the fuck up?

Highschool, 14 years old, good kid, made friends with a 16 year old who I thought was cool. Introduced me to smoking weed and getting drunk. Felt invincible.

One night he stays over at my place and we raid my parents liquor cabinet and got plastered. We decided to roam the streets and look in cars to steal shit. My "friend" found an open car, an old SUV, and looked under the sun visor, bingo: car keys.

Says he knows a cool place to go. Proceed to rip it up a local ski mountain at 2am completely drunk with no license. He reassured me he could drive as he had stole his dads car in the past. We make it to the top of the mountain where the ski resort is and bust through the wooden barricades (as the resort was closed during the summer months). We notice a security car tailing us. "Friend" panics. Rips it down the mountain going 140kph. We come to a turn and he hits the brake. We skid out and hit the concrete barrier that stops you from going off the edge of the mountain road, ricochet off another barrier and end up in a ditch beside the road. Real talk, we barely hit the barrier in the first place, almost died. Car is totalled. The door on the driver side is mangled, cant even open it.

Holy fuck did that just happen? Yes. We were stuck up the side of a ski mountain at 2 am during the summer months after just stealing a car. #lifeover Thought of calling a cab but that would just of admitted guilt as who would be up there at 2 am in the off season; not to mention the totalled SUV stuck in the ditch.

"Luckily" my "friend" used to frequent the mountain bike trails on this mountain. He said the exit to one of them ends right near my house. Proceed down the trail, took us 5 hours to reach the end. Five gruelling hours not knowing if we went the right way (this was in the time before cell phone GPS). I hated him because I knew I would have never been in this situation if I had never met him. We played the blame game the whole way down, discussing the story we would tell the pigs if they caught us. We come to a part of the trail that I recognize, no fucking way, we actually made it; and without any heat. Ironically enough we walk by the place were we stole the car, all that remains is the dry spot left under the car being parked there.

Sneak into the house at around 7:30 am. Crawl into bed, adrenaline still pumping. Lie there awake for the next 3 hours until my parents wake me up in the morning for breakfast. Look like a zombie as I haven't slept. Dad gets mad for thinking we stayed up all night playing video games.

I had never been so scared in my life. I promised myself never again and I changed my life style completely.

Do I regret it? No. Not for a second. This is when I grew the fuck up.

Did I mention I walked down that mountain with a torn tendon in my left kneecap with a cast on to hold my leg straight. Fun times...

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